5 things I could not live without daily… What are your 5 items?

Everyone has certain items that they couldn’t live without daily.
I myself have 5 things that I could not live without daily.

Being a blogger, mine all have to do with electronics. Of course!

Here is a list of things that I couldn’t last a day without..

5 things I could not live without daily- Ninja BlenderI use my Ninja Blender through out the day to make yummy smoothies for me and my family…
I might use it every now and then to shut the little one up but hey, it’s good for him! So what?
5 things I could not live without daily- Kindle FireI use my Kindle Fire all the time! Whether it be for reading, surfing the net when I am supposed to be sleeping
(please don’t let my hubby read this!) or entertaining the little terror.
I am stocked with toddler apps!
5 things I could not live without daily- 2 in 1Ooohhh yeah!! I am THAT good!
I got 2 items in 1 pic!
So what I don’t have an iPhone? I love my LG! At least it’s not my old phone…
I couldn’t even download shopkick on that thing!
Also, my camera is my best friend! I may not have a DSLR camera but this one is a Canon PowerShot 16MP and HD which is great for me!

5 things I could not live without daily- Laptop

Last but certainly not least…my laptop.
Ah yea-yuh! My laptop (or lapper-topper as I tend to call it) is my best friend.
This is how I bring you all of the coupons, best deals I can find, funny stories and such!

 Yes, this post did include 5 items…apparently you weren’t paying ATTENTION!
 Go back to start and roll again.

Let me know what 5 ITEMS you can’t live without on a daily basis in the comments below. :)
Also, let me know if you like posts like this.


  1. Mine would definitely be my iphone, laptop,keys (I’m very mobile), makeup (never leave home without my makeup), and a scrunchy which becomes my hair accessory, bracelet, rubber band, and kid’s play thing all in one.

  2. Mine would be laptop, camera, I-Phone, baby wipes…Yep, that’s it. I’m so good, I only need four.:)

  3. My fridge! I have to have my food lol!

  4. That’s a hard one! I would say water, iphone and caffiene. I guess I should add my kids in there somewhere. haha

  5. Love the phone/camera pic. I was taking pics with my phone and was like “crap, can’t live without my phone” and was too lazy to get the good camera. I ended up stealing Tobei’s phone to get a pic of my phone.

  6. Great list! I listed my 5 things on my post (coffee, chocolate, lotion, lip balm and books) but I definitely could list many more!!

  7. Spoken like a true blogger!!!

  8. My laptop, phone and camera are my best friends, too!

  9. I definitely agree with the computer. I go through with drawls when the internet goes down. I enjoyed viewing your list

  10. Sometimes I think my kids are so irritated with me always taking their photo :) The camera goes with us everywhere, too.

  11. #!. Start even day with my fat burning tea,
    #2 my iMac is my favorite place to play,
    #3 my iPhone for keeping in touch on the go, and taking pictures,
    #4 I look better with my eyebrows drawn in. (I like people to know if I”m mad at them.)
    #5 I am a woman, so can’t get through a day without chocolate.

  12. I like posts like these, because they make you think, and self-reflect. A little belly button gazing is good for a Mama now and then, because we are so focused on others most of the time. I’m always doing stuff, like making sure everyone’s bags are packed, then forgetting my own toothbrush.

  13. I keep thinking about getting a Ninja – they are so cute!

    • Ninja’s are awesome!! I hardly get left with any huge chunks of ice which is awesome!! I want to be able to drink my smoothie…not eat it! :)

  14. I’d have to go with my iPhone, my laptop, my makeup bag, my iced coffee and our apple TV. These are all super important! :)

  15. I’ve seen several people on this hop mentioning their Kindle. Now I want one too! :)

  16. I am with you on the laptop, I am on it most of the time I am home.


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