April 22, 2021

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Bird Boarding: All you Need to Know

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Having a bird friend is a labour of love. They have special needs and their care requires awareness and the right environment. Because of this, difficulties can arise when you must go somewhere, and your bird can’t come along. Fortunately, this problem can also be an opportunity. Choosing to board your bird outside your home might even be something you choose to do just for the benefits. Bird boarding can be an opportunity for health assessment, socialising and training.

Behaviour Training: Every bird has a personality and some of their habits are delightful and charming. However, they are likely to have just as many habits you wish would go away. Boarding your bird is an opportunity to get expert assistance on your bird’s behavioural training. Socialising your bird can reduce aggressive behaviour. Also, boarding can be an opportunity for your bird to acquire some new talents, further enhancing the bird-human relationship. 

Facilities: Your first concern about leaving a feathered friend in someone else’s hands should be the facilities. Is your bird going to be safe and not exposed to stressful situations? What about the hygiene? Are the cages clean and well ventilated with shade? What about the food? Is your bird going to be exposed to foods that might upset their digestion, and possibly create health concerns later? First rate boarding facilities not only have all these considerations taken care of, they also have access to medical professionals that can give your bird a complete check-up and a clean bill of health.

Specific care: Every species of bird has their own unique requirements. Parrots for example, are social and do not like to be left alone, they require adequate space and controlled temperatures. They shouldn’t be exposed to sugary or salty snacks, they shouldn’t have dry beans, greasy food, or honey. Not everybody knows the right choices for your bird, and this makes the choice to use a professional boarding service even more critical. 

If you are a bird person, you do not need to be told how their special personalities bring a unique dimension to your life. These are not ordinary pets, and not everyone is able to take good care of a bird. Many people do not this option is even available. However, bird boarding in Sydney, for example, is available now at the Sydney Dog Training Centre. If you have a bird that you love, it might be a good idea to investigate this option. Perhaps exposing your bird to learning opportunities will bring a new dimension of health and interaction to your bird’s life.

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