May 7, 2021

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Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mental Abilities

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Not all kids are born the same, and there are differences in their natural abilities and interests. Some kids are more outgoing and athletic, while others are more studious and reserved. Many of these abilities that the children develop are mostly due to their genetics.

However, the brain of a child is continually learning, and parents can improve the intellectual abilities of their children by exposing them to good experiences. The mental development of a child between the ages of 1.5 to 8 years is highly crucial, and just stuffing their room with flashy electronic and plastic toys can limit their development and negatively influence their social and cognitive skills too. This is where the importance of wooden toys for toddlers come into play.

Here are a few ways to improve your child’s mental abilities –

Increasing Concentration 

Make it a habit to play with your kids a few times a week and include few activities during this playtime to enhance their memory and concentration power. You can use wooden toys for toddlers to help them improve their counting skills and attention levels.


Sleep is one of the essential pills of a child’s physical and mental development. The results of some research conducted over the years show sleeping for an hour in the afternoon can help improve the cognitive skills of children below the age of eight. It helps the brain and body get some rest and the brain to process and absorb the information it has received. It helps in improving the memory and learning capabilities of the children.

Teach Self-Discipline

Parents should inculcate good habits in their children from a very young age, and they must lead by example. When a parent is mindful of responsibilities and priorities and fulfills them genuinely, the children would adopt the same habits. Even if you think your children are not looking, listening or understanding, most kids do try to absorb what they see and hear and process it gradually to make sense of it. Teaching self-discipline should be one of the biggest priorities of parents as their children grow. It paves the way to become more successful, organized, and confident in the future.

Reading Together

Just reading to your kids while they listen is not enough. You might want to start reading together as it would slowly help your child to take an interest in reading. It would instill the habit of reading in him or her as they grow up. One of the reasons why most parents read bedtime stories to their kids is because it expands their imagination power and activates their creativity engine. Not only is it a form of brain exercise, but it helps increase the curiosity in children as well.


Meditation is an age-old technique used to help improve brain functions, including enhancing memory and concentration power. Teach your kids meditation and make them understand the benefits of doing it. Teach them the breathing technique of slowly inhaling and exhaling. It helps in taking better control of mind, imagination, and emotions while promoting self-discipline and decision-making skills. Don’t just teach your kids how to meditate but also do it with them every day to make it a part of their routine. It would be one of the best gifts you’ll ever give them.

The child’s mental abilities today depend on a lot of factors, including school, friends, environment, parenting skills, toys, and access to smartphones. However, there is a lot of good you can do by following the few tips mentioned above. Getting used to a few constructive habits and practices early on in life would not only help the child’s mental growth today but prepare him/her for a better tomorrow as well.

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